Interim Pastor Ministry

In addition to his work in Christian higher education, Dr. Greenway enjoys serving as an interim pastor/church consultant, helping churches successfully navigate seasons of transition in pastoral leadership. Over the course of his over twenty-eight-year ministry, Dr. Greenway has served as interim pastor thirteen times at twelve churches in six states. His overarching goals as an interim pastor are as follows:

  1. To guide the church to health and growth in preparation for its new senior pastor. He will help lead the congregation, while also relying on the ministerial staff to carry out the daily responsibilities of the church.
  2. To provide “outside eyes” for the church, making suggestions when appropriate for needed improvement while remaining mindful of the church’s structure, polity, and programming.
  3. To call the church to continue its work during the time of transition. The church’s mission remains the same whether or not a senior pastor is present.
  4. To protect the integrity of the church’s search process, the Interim Pastor will be unavailable for a call to the office of senior pastor.

If your church would like to be considered by Dr. Greenway for an interim/transitional pastorate, please use the Contact page to get in touch with him.